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We know it’s a problem.

It stares us in the mirror every day. We feel the weight. And most of us have tried everything: the crazy diets, measuring, calorie counting, even starvation. And time and time again, we fail. You ask yourself, "Why can’t I lose it, why can’t I keep it off, what's WRONG with me?"

SUGAR. It’s white. It’s sweet. It tastes delicious. It’s everywhere. And it has the power to change the way you feel about food and how you digest, absorb, and metabolize sugar. All resulting in uncontrollable weight gain.

But what if you knew that it isn’t your fault? That’s right. A major reason why you’re unable to manage your weight is because it may be out of your control.

What if I told you that your entire body has been reprogrammed? What if you are…addicted? Addicted to a substance that is more dangerous and prolific than any drug or chemical.

Now this reprogramming didn’t happen overnight. Not with just one scoop. It’s estimated that we eat close to 200 pounds of sugar a year! Yes, it’s in things you know: soda, chips, candy. But it’s also lurking in breads, cereals, sauces, and meats. AND it is deliberately added to our foods to up the mmmmm factor.

I bet you CAN’T eat just one. Why? Because sugar triggers your brain’s reward response. The pleasure center. You eat a sugar-laced food and your brain lights up like a Christmas tree. It feels good and you want more. You see, our bodies were designed to handle sugar, but not at this volume.

We’re in an age of sugar excess. The natural sweetness meant to be enjoyed in moderation has been extracted and altered so that it’s in almost everything and is much too accessible.

Usually your body would just take it in, recognize it as a quick source of energy, and use it right away. But since our bodies are overloaded, it causes the systems to redirect the sugar and store it as fat. And sure enough, you start packing on the pounds. AND… as we ingest these foods we are feeding our reward response. It gets stronger. We need more. And now, we are out of control.

With your environment and your own mind and body working against you—you need an ally in this fight to help you break the addiction and give you the freedom to make healthy choices and live the life you want.